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The White Dragon March

The Inspiration To Write

As we all know, 2020 was a year like no other. The people of  England, along with the rest of the world saw changes in governance unlike any in modern history. Due to the situation, the government gave themselves emergency power to deal with what  they considered, an emergency situation. Restrictions of movement, human contact and the isolating of the healthy against their will were enforced without care or consideration of the personal circumstances of the individual.


Industry ground to a halt, people were stranded abroad, and the elderly suffered and died alone without their families at their sides, irrelevant of challenge by next of kin. The mainstream media via television, radio and the internet broadcast constant death numbers, infection numbers and the kind of fear that none of us had ever known. People  were taken into medical custody against their will and removed from their homes after reports from neighbours of 'breaking the rules'. It truly was a period in time that is now proving to have been unnecessary and far too extreme. New laws enforced by the police with a completely unwarranted degree of violence will surely have concequences in the years to come, but at the time people were petrified and the police revelled in their newfound power. It seemed we were right back to serfs and vile overlords, ruling with fear and the dehumanising of citizens became commonplace until some had had enough.


We saw the few stand against the many and the hope that a lot had lost began to creep back in through social media exposure. The White Dragon March, was undertaken by an ordinary man during these awful times and changed things  for me from then on. Although it was removed and covered up incredibly fast, I was inspired to put together a collection of writing and poetry based on how it supported my state of mind.


So, these words come to you from the mouth of a wolfshead that  would never have stood for such rule.

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