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Hunting High And Low is the inspiration for my first novella, Train Of Thought. The book is based on its ten tracks and is a fictional 48 hours leading up to the events in the groundbreaking video for the first track, Take On Me. The video, and lyrics to the second track 'Train Of Thought' were the basis for the storyline and feel of the book.

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Absolutely the one author that gave me a love for horror. Horror that can be sad and beautiful and sexy at the same time.  A truly genius writing mind that oozes honesty and flamboyant imagination. I adore Anne and have her to thank for the belief I have in myself.

~ Much Love ~


The Lyceum Theatre Crewe is a beautiful Edwardian Theatre with a very interesting history. I worked there as a volunteer for a while a few years ago and it is what started this passion for wanting to publish my work. I had a few creepy experiences whilst working and was intrigued to know more about the place. My set of five poems 'Ghostly Residents' are based on the legends and are an introduction to a book I am working on, that mixes actual historical events wrapped in a fictional cover.

~ Art & Beauty ~

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I think it probably started with nursery rhymes because my Mother sang them to me lots. Then whilst in Wonderland, I realised how much I loved poems, singing, reading and writing them. The world is full poetry. It's everywhere, and will always drag me back no matter what I'm doing. There have been some fantastic poets throughout time, many of which are gone, but their words will touch us forever. 

~ Poems ~ Poems ~ Poems ~


Music! Such an inspiration for everything in my life and far too much to mention here. Maybe I will make an entire page dedicated just to this and go into the details of how music has moulded my life so far.  ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

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