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Train Of Thought Breaking The Rules

Train Of Thought has been written very purposefully in a particular style. It doesn't follow the rules we have come to expect writers to stick to. This was a decision I made as a nod to the writers past, that have inspired it.

As Train Of Thought is my favourite track on the album, I did some research on the origins of the song. After sifting through the meaning behind the lyrics, which was more varied than you could imagine, everyone in the music business thinking they knew what they were talking about until I came across an early interview about the track from 1985/6 and went with that. Whether accurate or not, I decided to go with early influences from Norwegian authors that had an effect on the writer of the song and discovered the novel 'Hunger' by Knut Hamsun published in 1890. I bought two translations of Hunger and got to reading, and although they are slightly different, I loved the way the story is an honest and unrestrained peep into the mind of one man.

Now, right or wrong about the reason behind any track, I wanted to write the story from the same, personal, private perspective, thinking things we wouldn't necessarily say aloud and so it began to flow. No names or relationships and only minimum character interaction and conversation. A thinker and worrier. Passionate and determined once his mind is set and willing to suffer to get where he's going. Willing to lose it all. And that is the point!

When I listen to Hunting High & Low, I hear a multitude of human emotions that give the album a flow that rises and falls as it plays through each track. It starts with a love song cleverly hidden behind an innocent pop sound, with a video that gave a generation of teenage girls their sweet, bubblegum dream. The perfect man, literally coming to life before their very eyes! A dream come true. Then it moves through the frustration of routine – to feeling you have no choice but to accept the cards you're dealt – facing whatever is to come, especially the hard times, and not recognising who you've become in your own mind. It sweeps through all this rising and falling in melancholy, dotted throughout with sweet, pure love notes to pull you along.

To me, Hunting High & Low is genius writing, yet lyrically understated at the same time. A beautiful wordy little journey wrapped in perfect, stand out electronic pop, amazing synth - topped with deeply emotional, crystal clear vocals.

I wrote my 'Train Of Thought' in hopes to highlight this album because it is so much more than just, 'that video'. So much more. I don't expect my story to fit into any category of literary correctness, or please any kind of critic. That means nothing to me. There is no reason to analyse, 'why this?' and 'Oh look at that.' I wrote it because I wanted to, and because there may be a few others out there interested because they feel the way I do about the album.

You see, I'm not a music critic. I'm a music lover.

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