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A Love Poetry Collection

For The Love Of A Man is a collection of poems dedicated entirely to the love a woman has for a man. It is my personal views on love, and does not bow or play to any social expectation. If you are a woman who loves a man, or a man who is loved by a woman, then this is for you.

Love as I feel it should be, and is for me - private, respectable, and worthy. I hope you enjoy.

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A Sci-Fi Novella
That Takes You On A Journey

Train Of Thought is based on Norwegian band a-ha's 1985 debut album Hunting High And Low and is my imagination digging deeper into its well-loved songs and videos, as well as its unreleased tracks. It gives a sci-fi look at the 48 hours before a famous motorbike race leads to a hero's escape from a comic.

I wrote the story over two years, partly to satisfy my inquisitiveness, but also to create answers to questions asked by minds like mine, to highlight an album that had a significant effect on my life and on closer inspection is so much deeper than it seems.



I have always written. Scribbles, single words or part sentences. Words come whenever and wherever they feel like, not sure the control is mine at all! I wrote as a little girl and dreamt, way back then, to publish. Things were different then. It had to be a publishing deal or nothing. That isn’t so anymore. I published myself and could not explain what an amazing feeling it is to see my work, those determined words and letters that have forced their way to the forefront, actually in little books of their own. All my babies, every single one of them.
I love to write. I have to write. It is a part of me that spills out and grows into a thing of its own. Sometimes it comes at the ‘not ready’ time, and I have to let it sit until the parts that will make it into ‘something’ arrive, and make it whole. Here’s me, thinking I have a plan when in reality, I am just a scribbler.
So I write, and I always will. Because it’s who I am.