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A Love Poetry Collection

For The Love Of A Man is a collection of poems dedicated entirely to the love a woman has for a man. It is my personal view on love and does not bow or play to any social expectation. If you are a woman who loves a man, or a man who is loved by a woman, then this is for you.

Love as I feel it should be, and is for me - private, respectable, and worthy. I hope you enjoy.

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A Sci-Fi Novella
That Takes You On A Journey

Train Of Thought is based on Norwegian band a-ha's 1985 debut album Hunting High And Low and is my imagination digging deeper into its well-loved songs and videos, as well as its unreleased tracks. It gives a sci-fi look at the 48 hours before a famous motorbike race leads to a hero's escape from a comic.


I wrote the story over two years, partly to satisfy my inquisitiveness, but also to create answers to questions asked by minds like mine, to highlight an album that had a significant effect on my life and on closer inspection is so much deeper than it seems.

zConsidered My Soul FCLight 100.png


A Poetry Collection
That Touches On Some Sensitive Subjects

Considered My Soul is a thought-provoking poetry collection that is written in three sections that cover separate themes.

It opens with different kinds of 'Love' poems, beginning with the pure and innocent kind, going through romantic love and lust.

The second part of the book covers subjects that I feel strongly about and wanted to express. 'Me Says'.

The final section covers all kinds of 'Victims'. Sometimes slightly uncomfortable topics but again, I wanted to cover them.

Horror Lines Front Cover 100% Up.jpg


A Horror Poetry Collection

Horror Lines is definitely a poetry collection for lovers of the horror genre, and I am extremely proud of the subjects covered in the book.

I decided to write poems on themes and events that I don't consider usually discussed and pointed out in writing nowadays. I think it is important to have varied topics, and not just one-sided opinions.

Reader discretion is advised as graphic descriptions are throughout this collection. 

Ghostly Residents Front_editedLightened.


A Five Set Of Ghostly Poems

A set of five poems based on the legends of the ghosts of The Lyceum Theatre in Crewe. I wrote these poems based on my own experiences with the ghosts, as well as the collected accounts of others. They are also a form of introduction to the book I am working on, which will be my fictional adaptation of the history and legend of the Theatre.

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