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Hello & Welcome

Traditional Tale Time is a new project that, as the name suggests, intends to focus on traditional-themed tales for children.

I am an independent author and poet and am incredibly disappointed with the direction the publishing industry is going in.

I self-publish my work with an online print-on-demand company, which, although showing some signs of bias toward social agendas, has allowed me to retain complete creative control over my work and has yet to challenge any content I have chosen to publish.


I believe that children deserve the purity and innocence of better literary times. After quite a lot of research into the range and availability of nonpolitical stories for children, I decided to start work on a selection of tales in the style of the classic authors who filled the innocent minds of our parents and grandparents.

I will also be adding free downloadable content from the public domain to the site whilst hopefully creating a new brand for future generations.

Many thanks ~ Hayley.


© 2023 Traditional Tale Time

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