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First Reviews ~ It's Real!

Well, the whole Train Of Thought Story started nearly two years ago. Fast forward to now - woosh! - and it's a reality. Only two or three people ever knew I was writing it, and what it was about, and they have stayed through the stress and panic, and freakouts - thank you :) I've had two AMAZING reviews in from two AMAZING buyers, and I can't thank them enough for liking my book. I got a message through to a-ha's manager Mr Harald Wiik, and he very graciously e-mailed me. I sent a pdf for him to pass on to the band, so the content could be checked, and he did. 'Freak out no. 1'. I was contacted again a day later with the news that Pål had okayed my use of the song titles, and was wished luck with the book. 'Freak out no. 2'. The band had probably read it (mistakes and all) and I forwarded details and cover art to admin. Freak out no. 3. Official a-ha tweeted my book and link! I couldn't thank a-ha and their management enough for the OK, because this book is so personal to me, and they are cool with it. And the first reviews are in - both positive - wow! Reality arrived and I'm just catching up with it. Much Love ~ Hayley ~

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