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'Words From The Wolfshead' is a collection of poems and other writings from the point of view of the hooded man, for the modern native English.

We are in particularly negative times, where more than ever before in modern history, the divide between the rich and poor is growing. It is returning to the likeness of the years of oppressive Kings, Sheriffs and nobility. Although royalty is now non-ruling without the power they once had, the government is once again restricting and dictating our lives and decisions.

National identity and history are now in question by authority, mainstream media and the gullible woke generation. The English are having their ethnicity and right to pride smothered by the establishment and broadcasting corporations, and I feel, we need a historical voice that once stood against the system, to be remembered.

This fictional collection is to represent the people who need a non-conforming spirit.

00 Words From The Wolfshead Front Cover
Words From The Wolfshead: About Me
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